Project Description

BigOceanData wins vessel monitoring contract for Atlantic Shrimpers Ltd

08 November 2018

BigOceanData, the online premium global vessel tracking and monitoring service, has delivered a bespoke package to Atlantic Shrimpers Ltd (ASL) based in Lagos, Nigeria, the largest shrimp fishing company in West Africa. Following a successful initial trial period on five vessels, BigOceanData (BOD) has been awarded a fleet monitoring services contract for an initial twelve-month period with options to extend. As well as full integration into the BOD monitoring platform, which will receive each vessel’s position every two hours and analyse its location, track and other variables for reporting to the fleet managers, BOD is also supplying each vessel in the 72-strong fleet with a dedicated Iridium tracking device in a one-off purchase.

ASL was looking for a convenient solution that would enable them to monitor their fleet activity and allow them to ensure that their vessels were operating within their designated licenced fishing grounds. These can be within the Nigerian Exclusive Economic Zone or sometimes in other West African countries waters subject to the correct fishing licences being obtained. Feedback from the client indicates that the system is already helping its vessels to meet their compliance objectives and increasing the awareness of their captains as to the limits if their authorised fishing grounds.

Monitoring production from different fishing grounds within the zone helps fleet managers to maintain useful data on shrimp stocks and fishing results. The browser-based BOD system allows fleet managers to monitor vessel locations and store this information as useful data. It also issues automatic alerts if a vessel unintentionally strays outside its designated fishing area. This provides managers with remote intelligence of vessel activity and delivers 24/7 confidence that their fleet is operating as required in strict adherence to all licence conditions.

ASL was established in Nigeria in 1996 and produces the world-renowned Prim7Stars brand of sea-frozen shrimp.

With over 20 years of experience of working with governments around the world, BigOceanData is the market-leader in working with agencies responsible for tracking boats fishing within their territorial waters and ensuring compliance with quotas and regulations. It can track the position of any vessel using a wide range of data sources including AIS, Inmarsat-C and ARGOS. As well as delivering all the standard position, track and identification data on individual vessels to those who need it, it also offers specific fisheries applications.