Project Description

ClearLine Tinstar team gears up to help small businesses move online

17 April 2020

Can’t access your customers at the moment?  You need to get online!

 Right now we are all feeling the effects of the current lockdown on our businesses and that’s why together ClearLine Communications and Tinstar Design are exploring ways to help businesses to keep going and adapt to the current restrictions.  Retailers can’t sell on the high streets, garden centres are shut and DIY stories have limited access.  We can’t get clothes, shoes or birthday presents from our favourite shops.

Clearline has worked with Tinstar for more than two decades to produce quality websites and print materials for a range of customers.

Of course, all the big outlets have long been selling products online.  But thousands of smaller businesses that have relied on footfall are having to change their approach to gaining sales, whether it’s by post, courier or starting their own delivery service.  While the majority have some sort of website, most are not geared up to online sales in any sort of volume so they need to urgently make changes to their e-commerce structure and capability. By adapting a whole range of normally face-to-face services, small businesses can keep continuity by going digital.

We appreciate that you need it in a hurry.  A typical turnaround, depending on the complexity, can be less than a week.  Investing in a new website can seem a bit daunting but it could make all the difference to keeping your business going.  We’ll make it easy for you, too, in simple steps.  We’ll discuss your aims, sketch out the content and style of the site and how it needs to function, show you a sample page for your approval before going on to complete the site. All we will need from you are good images, (in fact we can even do the photography!) and the right information.  Our websites start from around £1995 plus VAT and annual hosting (that is the server where the site will ‘live’).  Making that investment might seem a bit daunting but the site will go on to benefit your business long after the lockdown ends.

Have a look at how adapted their nursery to switch from footfall to deliveries just last week.  Since their website went live they have been inundated! The site is fully set up for e-commerce and took just three days to build.

To find out more or get a quote give me a call or drop me an email.  Marina Johnson, ClearLine Communications Ltd 07774 623539,