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Ocean Safety celebrates DAME Award win

19 November 2019

Clearline’s client Ocean Safety is proud to announce that the USAFE, an easy to launch remote controlled lightweight rescue float is the overall winner of the prestigious DAME Design Award at METSTRADE Amsterdam 2019.

USAFE, where motorized dinghy meets horseshoe lifebuoy was recently added to Ocean Safety’s broad portfolio of safety and survival equipment.

Alistair Hackett of Ocean Safety comments “We were delighted to be the UK distributor for USAFE. Now to receive the DAME Award, the top accolade in the marine industry, it truly reinforces the innovation of this exceptional product.”  He adds “USAFE is a highly intelligent piece of equipment that will definitely help to strengthen Ocean Safety’s product offering to both our leisure and commercial customers.”

USAFE was also awarded the DAME Category Winner for Lifesaving and Safety Equipment.

Once in the water USAFE can be manoeuvred by a crew member using its waterproof buoyant remote control from the safety of the nearby vessel or shore to guide the self-propelling float towards a person in the water. When safely secured around their body, the same remote control user can safely drive the rescued person back to safety.

USAFE is designed even for extremely rough conditions and never loses its direction, so it always reaches the person who has fallen overboard and gives them the extra help that they need.  Importantly it also speeds up the rescue.  Powered by two electric turbines, one on each leg of the ‘hull’, it is fast – up to 15 km/h –  and can support anyone up to 200kg in weight.  The turbines will operate regardless of which side is up when it is thrown into the water.  USAFE will run for 30 minutes, or a range of three miles, but its buoyancy and support capabilities will continue well after that.  It is easy to stow on any vessel, in a space of no more than 100x80x20cm where is ready for immediate use.  It weighs only 13kg so it can be launched in seconds. It is simple to operate for a first time user.