Project Description

Luxury meets onboard practicality for GN Espace Gastronorm sink combo

04 March 2021

The galley is the focal point of yacht interiors as they increasingly reach and even surpass the design standards and expectations of a luxury home. That’s why galley and yacht cooker system experts GN Espace are setting the style standard with their Gastronorm sink combo, a large and small sink bowl system which combines great looks with maximum functionality in the tight confines of a typical galley.

The two bowls in the Gastronorm system, simply known as ‘A’ and ‘B’, are adapted from a proven professional catering formula to create a multifunction food preparation and washing-up area. Being separate they give increased installation flexibility to the multifunction sink – ideal when space is at a premium. The Gastronorm sink bowls are designed to really come into their own with the addition of containers and accessories from the GN Espace range, enabling them to function at three levels. The Gastronorm is fully compatible with the wide range of Gastronorm containers. Adding a perforated container for drainage or to act as a colander or a separate smaller bowl to bridge across the sink, for example, saves space, adds convenience and leaves the galley clean and tidy.

The Gastronorm sinks can optionally be welded into a stainless steel worktop if the owner wants to create a professional looking ‘wet area’. This method has been created by a number of leading production boat builders that fit GN Espace as standard.

Adding accessories like GN’s chopping boards draining basket colander and removable washing up bowl, helps to create the perfect food preparation environment while afloat. These multifunction sinks are ideal too for holding hot Gastronorm ovenware safely in place after you have removed it from the oven.

The Gastronorm sink system perfectly complements the GN Espace range of Gastronorm based LPG and electric marine cookers by creating galleys that are ergonomically functional and safe places for preparing and cooking food whilst at sea.

Specifications and dimensions can all be found in the catalogue on the GN Espace website.

Retail prices:
Large sink ‘A’ £679.00 inc VAT
Small sink ‘B’ £249.00 inc VAT
Download the brochure for full details and specifications.