Project Description

Iconic exploration vessel comes to market as owner declares his life’s ambitions fulfilled

08 April 2021

The explorer vessel Pressure Drop, one of the most famous names in modern deep ocean exploration, is coming on the market with owner and explorer Victor Vescovo declaring that he has completed all his objectives. The availability of Pressure Drop presents a unique opportunity for an ambitious individual or organisation with deep-sea adventure on their mind to acquire and modify to their own requirements a vessel not only with unique diving capabilities but also one with a provenance of remarkable exploration achievements that will remain with her throughout her life and which can be repeated and extended.

These achievements include descending to the deepest points in each of the world’s five oceans during the Five Deeps Expedition in 2018-19 and a total of 14 individual visits to Challenger Deep, the deepest of them all. Dives on famous wrecks including the Titanic and the Bismark, where valuable data on their conditions were collected, have also been part of her mission alongside other seabed research activities. Pressure Drop’s exploits have been documented and broadcast around the world by media including the BBC, CNN, Forbes, the New York Times and other leading lifestyle, superyachting and scientific publications.

The heart of the Pressure Drop and the key to her capabilities is her unique submersible, the DSV Limiting Factor. Unlike the two other submersibles ever to reach Full Ocean Depth, the Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV) Limiting Factor is designed – and commercially certified by DNV-GL – for extensive, repeated dives to that depth. This makes it the only manned vessel in existence that can visit any place in the world’s oceans, at any depth.

The submersible also provides an incredible platform for science, film-making and exploration and, as a tool for geographic exploration, the Limiting Factor is one of the most uniquely-capable, piloted vehicles in seafaring history.

First launched in 1985, in 2002 the 68.3 metre / 224 ft Pressure Drop was bought by the prestigious National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which converted her into a multi-disciplinary oceanic research platform. Victor Vescovo then acquired her in 2017 and had her fully refitted to the highest standards that included both wet and dry dedicated laboratory space on the main deck and comfortable accommodation for up to 49 personnel.

Pressure Drop together with the DSV Limiting Factor is now for sale, offering the ultimate in exploration and adventure. Suitable upgrades to the accommodation and other lifestyle enhancements to what is already an extremely capable vessel will place Pressure Drop at the forefront of today’s ultra hi-spec explorer superyachts, capable of delivering truly unique and life-changing experiences.

“It has been really exciting to be able to bring others down with me to the deepest points on Earth and share these unique experiences with them,” says Victor Vescovo. “The ability to safely visit the most remote points on our planet regularly pulls the curtain away from the ocean deeps for mankind. It enables us to discover more about this planet that still has so much to teach us”.

In the meantime, Victor, his team and the Pressure Drop and the DSV Limiting Factor are en route to the explore the Philippine Trench which, at 10,500 metres or 34,600 feet, is the third deepest point in the world. Follow their exploits at and