Project Description

La Ciotat Shipyards chooses supplier of new 4,300T shiplift

12 November 2019

La Ciotat Shipyards announced on 7th November 2019 that it has awarded the design-build contract for their future shiplift for mega-yachts to a partnership between the French company Matière and the US corporation Bardex Corp. The decision follows a competitive procedure in which two other global companies participated. The solution agreed upon is unprecedented in the yachting industry and is the result of a bespoke combination of proven technology and major innovation.

Based on a chain jack technology which has already proven its reliability and sturdiness including on operating shiplifts and in the oil & gas Industry, it keeps maintenance and operating costs under control. This solution also addresses the specific needs of large yachts thanks to the addition of several improvements. These include a double rail motorised transfer system with hydraulic technology as well as a fluid bed. This allows yachts to leave the lift laterally or longitudinally. Direct docking on the platform will also be possible. The platform lift will be designed to handle yachts up to 4,300 tonnes and 105 metres long.

According to Alexandre Rolland, the project director of the 4,300t shiplift at La Ciotat Shipyards; “the procedure of competitive dialogue that we went through over the last few months kept its promises by letting innovative technological solutions emerge! Matière and Bardex have proven that they can offer the best compromise on price and quality.

“Having a French company as a main partner in the team is very reassuring in view of allowing better control over costs and delays, which is critical for this project. Very positive feedback from clients that have been using Bardex shiplift systems for more than 20 years also reinforced our decision.

For Jean-Yves Saussol, CEO of La Ciotat Shipyards; “the fact that half of the contract’s added value goes to a French manufacturer is hugely satisfying. It shows that French industry, of which La Ciotat Shipyards wants to be one of the flagships, can deliver high value at fair prices. Even though the offer we chose could initially be seen as a challenger to other operators better established in the yachting sector, a closer look has shown its techno-economic superiority. Once again, and as with our 2,000t lift, La Ciotat Shipyards has demonstrated its capacity to think outside the box in order to find the best technical solutions wherever they may be and so differentiate ourselves from our competitors for the benefit of our clients.”

Image caption: Left to right : Jean-Yves Saussol CEO La Ciotat Shipyards, Tom Miller CEO Bardex Corporation, Philippe Matière CEO Matière