Project Description

Walcon begins phase 2 of Swanwick Marina regeneration

31 October 2019

Over the coming winter Walcon Marine will be undertaking the second phase of a rolling redesign and replace project at Premier Marinas’ Swanwick Marina on the UK’s south coast. The project is taking place in two stages and when completed the marina will comprise 333 berths in a modern facility fitted out to the highest standards.

Phase 1A was undertaken in the months before Christmas 2018 and saw the installation of Piers A and B (pictured right) with a total of over 100 berths. Phase 1B began in early 2019 with piers C and D going in along with a double bridgehead and a truss bridge in time for the start of the season.

In October 2019, Walcon resumed work on the site with Phase 2. This involves removing the existing E pontoon along with its piles and then, once dredging is completed, installing its replacement along with its piles. E pontoon will then be linked with the single access central bridgehead at D pontoon. That completed, F pontoon will be removed and then in the New Year dredging will be followed by the new F pontoon plus a G pontoon going in along with a second access bridge and a marina operative bridge. Completion is scheduled for the spring of 2020.

As with the earlier stages, Walcon will be responsible for the demolition and removal of all the previous infrastructure ahead of the dredging and then undertaking the subsequent piling using its road transportable rig followed by the installation of its System 2000 walkways and finger pontoons fabricated at Walcon’s principal factory just a short distance away.

Premier Marinas has specified a facility of exceptional sophistication. An example of their attention to detail includes a higher freeboard for the pontoons forming Piers C and D, thereby reducing customers’ deck-to-pontoon ‘jump down’ when berthing a vessel. All the finger pontoons will be the full length of the boats that will be using them, thereby enabling power boats to use their bathing platforms for embarkation and disembarkation.
Additional detailing on the pontoons includes new and larger corner and lateral fenders in a standard livery both to give additional protection for boats and pontoons, and to enhance the overall appearance of the marina. Even the duct covers are a new design in a pleasing colour and with a slim profile.

Premier’s Operations Director John Cervenka commented: “Phase 1 of this project progressed seamlessly last winter, with minimum inconvenience to our berth holders whose boats were returned from winter storage and temporary berthing to a state-of-the art-berth in time for the start of the season. In fact, Walcon completed more of the marina in Phase 1 than had been planned and we are looking forward to working in partnership with them again this winter to deliver the completed floating marina in the spring.”