Project Description

Walcon Marine working with Dean & Reddyhoff on next phase at Portland

20 December 2019

Walcon Marine is working with south coast marina operator Dean & Reddyhoff on the extension of its iconic Portland Marina. The marina was built by Walcon in 2009 to a very high specification and was used as the main berthing facility for the sailing events for the 2012 London Olympics. Located behind its own breakwater, the marina has always had plenty of space for expansion. Walcon has this year returned to the site and completed the first stage of what will ultimately be a five-pier extension adding nearly 300 berths to the 250 already in place.

The work is being done in phases. Earlier this year Walcon extended the first right-hand, single-sided pier / walkway (pier A) of the central walkway out to the breakwater, added the first section of the new back walkway that will run alongside the breakwater and then added a second, completely new pier (pier B) running parallel with the first. 13 finger pontoons for boats up to eight metres have been fitted to pier B so far and further pontoons will be added as demand requires. The remaining three piers and their finger pontoons will be installed on the same basis. The piling was undertaken by the Walcon Wizard barge.

These latest works conform to the original premium quality of the marina, using Walcon’s System 21 pontoons with sustainable timber decking. The extension to pier A and the new back walkway running along the breakwater are in keeping with the existing walkways in being double width (3.3 metres), with the services running along a central duct. This allows much more space for gear and equipment being trans-shipped than is usual for a marina of this size.

Other notable features include the outermost pontoons, intended to provide berthing for larger yachts, having a freeboard of 650mm versus the conventional 500mm to allow owners and crew to embark and disembark from their boats more easily, and an innovative bridge linking the marina to the shore, also by Walcon. The design effectively fixes it at each end to a section of decking that moves as a single piece as the walkway rises and falls in response to the tides. The decking sections attached to the head and foot of the bridge move freely on hidden runners giving a smooth transition from shore to marina, free of obstacles, steps, or other hazards.

“Walcon have, as always, been a reliable and professional partner,” said Lucas Shotts, Director at Dean & Reddyhoff. “They delivered the project on time and on budget and we look forward to continuing working with them now and in the future.”

“We are very pleased to see this superb marina embarking on a new phase of growth seven years after we first installed it,” added Walcon’s James Walters.