Project Description

Walcon wins contract for Premier Marinas’ Swanwick regeneration

21 August 2018

Walcon Marine, the UK-based market leader in the design, construction and installation of marinas, yacht harbours and berthing facilities, has won the tender for the supply of the walkways, finger pontoons and bridge for the regeneration by Premier Marinas of its Swanwick Marina in the River Hamble on the south coast of the UK.

The contract involves the staged removal of the old pontoons and piles in synchronisation with a dredging programme being undertaken by a third party. The new piles will then be driven in by Walcon, and the walkways and finger pontoons installed. Walcon’s System 2000 pontoons will be used throughout. The marina will comprise 976 metres of walkways being installed to create seven piers. 148 finger pontoons will provide berths for 297 boats.

Premium specification
Premier Marinas is investing in pontoons of a particularly high quality. Walcon is building units that will all have a liveload that is higher than standard, enabling them to safely support greater weights of people and equipment per square metre than is usual. Two of the jetties will also have 700mm of freeboard rather than the standard 500mm, making it easier for users of boats in the 18 to 23 metres range to embark and disembark. In keeping with its status as a premium brand, Premier is also specifying that all the finger pontoons are the same length as the boats that they are designed to accommodate. This allows motorboats to moor bows-to and still safely disembark their crew from the stern platform, making the process safer and more convenient for owners, their families and guests.

“It is also a pleasure to be working once again with Peter van Dyke as our Benelux distributor. This has been a flagship project for the renewed relationship and we look forward to continuing our success in winning business in this important and discerning market in partnership with Peter and W2 Support.