Create a stylish galley with brand new built-in electric induction hob from GN Espace


Specialist galley manufacturer GN Espace has revealed its new Three Zone Built-In Induction Hob, one of a new range of state-of-the-art electric cookers squarely aimed at discerning motorboat and catamaran owners looking for the stylish feeling of home.

The Three-Zone hob is packed with features that make on-board cooking easy. A host of useful functions includes a 2.5kW boost function, auto-simmer, a dual zone bridge function for large fish-kettle cooking, as well as Melt, Keep Warm and Simmer settings.

Built-in cooking solutions are increasingly the preferred choice on motoryachts whereas sailing yachts are generally fitted with gimballed cookers to counteract heeling angles. The built-in style creates a sleek galley which looks more like a modern home kitchen while at the same time having those all-important safety features needed for being at sea, like sturdy sea rails to secure pots in place.

Electric induction cooking is growing as a popular alternative to gas – there is no need to refill gas bottles or worry about potential leaks and hazards in confined spaces. Each zone heats up just as quickly as a gas ring.

The development of GN Espace’s electric induction cookers comes at a time that the company is moving towards increased sustainability.  The cookers offer energy efficiency, reliability and longevity.  They are also completely recycleable at the end of their life. The hob is powered from a battery via an DC-AC inverter, and is 97% energy efficient.  A pot detecting feature heats only the pot and automatically switches off when it is removed.

The Three Zone Built In Induction Hob is designed to perfectly complement the new GN Espace built-in OceanChef oven for a complete onboard cooking solution.