UK and Palma upgrades for International NDT to expand Dye Penetrant Testing capability

Dye penetrant system

International NDT Ltd are pleased to announce that they have extended their service capabilities with major upgrades in both their Palma de Mallorca, and Southampton, UK locations. Investment in both floor space and specialist equipment is enabling their team to offer increased speed and advanced inspection of larger components to their clients.

In Palma de Mallorca International NDT have acquired shop floor space and installed a Water Washable Fluorescent Penetrant line.  This equipment enables detailed inspection of complex shaped metal parts specifically for linear indications or cracks that may have arisen from stress or fatigue.

Additionally, Visible Solvent Removeable or Visible Water Washable inspections can be carried out on site on a range of metallic parts.  With International NDT’s background in the marine sector they have extensive experience inspecting yacht rigging stays and keels.  These techniques, however, can be applied to almost any metal components.

In the UK the company has completed installation of a new dye-penetrant line at International NDT’s headquarters in Southampton.

The new inspection line increases the size of the components that can be tested through their Fluorescent Water Washable process.  This process is a great choice for complex shaped or male threaded components.The UK team also offers on-site Dye Penetrant inspection services alongside their ultrasonic inspections.