Maritime Corporate Communications & Public Relations

We specialise in the commercial maritime and leisure marine sectors and our clients range from multinational companies to small, family-owned businesses. We produce and disseminate multi-channel content covering every aspect of the maritime world, all in clear, international English. Whether it’s a tweet, a full length technical paper or new text to refresh a website, each gets the same level of care and attention. Our goal, to enhance our clients’ reputations and support their sales functions. If you’d like to find out more, give us a call!

Our Clients

Public Relations

ClearLine has many years of experience in planning and executing media and public relations strategies tailored to meet the needs of our clients. These can be on any scale – local, national or global, and their effectiveness is underpinned by our content creation and distribution capabilities across all channels, on and off line. We work with companies of all sizes and across the full spectrum of maritime activities, from leisure cruising and yacht racing to naval architecture, shipbuilding, offshore energy and defence & security.

Corporate Communications

Our content creation and editing services cover all aspects of maritime business and commerce. As well as supporting sales and marketing functions, we also work directly with finance, HR, operations, customer support and other departments to ensure that presentations, reports and other materials are written in a concise and clear style for an international audience.

Content Creation

Content creation is at the heart of what we do. Writing clear and concise international English is an important part of this, but so too are the research and interview skills that enable us to create interesting stories. These encourage viewers to read right to the end and leave them feeling informed and engaged. Our years of experience in the maritime sector enable us to ask the right questions, know where to look for relevant facts and figures, and to translate technical briefings into information that can be enjoyed by a general readership.

About Us

Our services in full

We research, write and / or edit English language text for almost all purposes. These include: press releases, social media content, magazine articles, case studies, white papers, advertorial, website content, presentations, newsletters, brochures, internal documentation & reports and more. Also:

Graphic and web design services via longstanding partners, with ClearLine oversight.

Social media support where needed, including active day-by-day management.

A full on and off-line advertising service, including planning and graphic design.

Event Media Management

We are experienced in running full media awareness programmes for some of the UK’s most prestigious regattas, from world championships to classics regattas.

We can design media plans to include press releases and web updates prior to the event, together with story leads, press briefings and other materials. We can also manage the media centre and the media team supporting visiting journalists and photographers, as well as write daily reports for circulation to the international media along with first class imagery.